Welcome to Twin Ports Rampage: Girls Fastpitch Softball

The Twin Ports Rampage Organization staff is dedicated to providing opportunities for girls in our area to improve themselves as people and athletes. This will be done in a positive team-oriented environment through fastpitch softball. We commit to being the best team we can be. We will always seek the best competition we can find to better our athletes.


The Twin Ports Rampage Organization is entering our 10th year of travel softball. Our mission of always playing the best of competition we can find and taking northland softball to the next level just got a huge boost. We are happy to say that we are joining the S&C sports group ( Midwest Speed organization) to raise our standards of training and competition yet again. This time to the highest level of National play. Please contact us for details before tryouts in early August. There will be opportunities for every level athlete, from somewhat local play to National competition in the largest tournaments in the country.