Twin Ports Rampage Mission Statement

The Twin Ports Rampage Organization will dedicate all staff to providing an opportunity to area girls to improve themselves as persons and athletes. This will be done in a positive team-oriented environment through fastpitch softball. We commit to being the best team we can be. We will always seek the best competition we can find to better our athletes. Teaching all members through the following core values:


Players commitment to our program is to become the best teammate and softball player they can possibly be. Our coaches commitment is to provide leadership and be teachers of the game and role models for these kids. Parents commit to being supportive of our program and their athlete in a positive way.


Setting goals to reach each girl’s full potential as a person and athlete, with a focus on academics first.


Teaching a strong work ethic to realize our goals. We will not be outworked!


Teaching each individual to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team.


Teaching our players to give back to the community. We will be proactive in seeking out ways to make a difference.


Teaching kids a sense of accomplishment by paying our own way. Fundraising is necessary for our program, but more importantly, the lesson of working for what you want is something that will help them succeed in life.


Teaching each player to respect the game, teammates, umpires, coaches, and competitors.


Our promise is simple, if you and your child come to us with a positive attitude and effort, your child will become a better softball player. It is through this mission statement that the Twin Ports Rampage will be the premier girls fastpitch softball program in the Northland. Life lessons they will take with them will be priceless. All players, parents, and coaches will be held accountable to these core values.